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Greg's Story

Greg Cameron was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. His fight became an inspiration to his family, friends, and many others in Hawaii and beyond. He never gave in to the disease, and he never gave up. Instead, he pursued the most aggressive treatments available to prolong his life, and made the most of every day. He worked, surfed, and maintained his high-intensity physical fitness regimen until his death on May 9, 2012. He was highly motivated to return after every treatment to the career he loved as an air and water rescue specialist, and as a paramedic for the Hawaii Fire Department.

Greg never forgot the many acts of generosity by his fellow firefighters during his battle. He also deeply appreciated the outpouring of financial and moral support that he received from the Hawaii community. Greg's final wish was to develop a fund that would repay his friends. His family developed The Greg Cameron Firemen's Fund to ensure that every employee of the Hawaii Fire Department who helped Greg knows how grateful he was for their support. The fund is intended to support the legacy that Greg's fellow firefighters and friends in the community helped him create. That legacy--to never give up in the face of adversity, to always help your friends in need, and to find joy and opportunity in every day--will live on with the support of every contributor. 

Greg left a legacy as a premier performer in water adventure and rescue. He and a friend may be the only individuals to perform a single-day round-trip on jet skis between Hawaii and Maui in the treacherous Maui Channel--the only adventure he told friends he would never repeat!  

Greg was a three-time finisher in the Iron Man Championship, a life-long surfer, and an endurance athlete. He was famous for his courage in the face of large surf, dangerous rescues, and even death.  

To his family and friends, Greg left an indelible impression for never complaining, for always finding the humor in even tough situations, and for emphasizing the bonds of family and friendships over all else.


On Greg's behalf, thank you for your support!