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Announced: TGCFF Training Scholarships

Grayson Cameron

HFD firefighters Vern Hara and Matthew Komata were recipients of the first TGCFF Scholarships. The scholarships covered expenses related to emergency medical services training they attended at the EMS World Expo in Las Vegas, NV on Sep. 8-12, 2013.

Matt and I are forever grateful to have had the great privilege to be the inaugural recipients of TGCFF scholarship.  The opportunity that has been provided to us is greatly appreciated.  Memories were made and we had a great experience that will never be forgotten.

Greg was a great mentor to me, I am glad to see that he is still guiding us, helping his HFD family learn and excel, making us be the best we can be.  For that we will be forever grateful to a wonderful man, mentor and friend.  Thank you all for continuing Greg's legacy.  It is a great program, thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

Vern Hara, FMS II, Hawaii Fire Department